west end beach on guanaja - the longest beach on the island
West end beach - the longest beach on the island
photo by Luis Feldman

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Local News

  • Relaxing in Honduras. October, 2014, Travelers Today. A good article that summarizes the different bay islands.
  • 10 Most Searched-for Islands in 2011. January, 2012, Islands Magazine. In 2011, Roatan ranked in the top searched-for islands on the internet.
  • Recovering Housing Market in Honduras. January, 2012, Global Property Guide.com. A great summary of the latest political happenings over the past few years and an overview of current real estate developments in the Bay Islands and on the Honduran coast including the Los Micos Beach and Golf Course which will have a 5-star Westin.
  • Retire on Roatan. 2011, Islands Magazine. Islands Magazine editor picked Roatan as the best island to retire on in 2011.
  • Jimmy Carter visits Guanaja. December, 2010, The San Francisco Chronicle. Former President Jimmy Carter visited the island for some fly fishing and relaxation. A local recounts the day in this article.
  • Trujillo Cruise Port Website Launched. August, 2010, The Cayman Islands Journal. The first major mainland cruise port in Honduras has just launched their webisite at www.bananacoast.com and plans to receive its first cruise passengers in 2012.
  • Green Arrow Project Announced. October 5, 2008, La Prensa. This article is in Spanish but announces another project by an American group called RKI—Richard Knorr International. A press conference was held in which $900 million would be invested in infrastructure and a resort.
  • Brand Flags to fly in Honduras - July 7, 2008, Hotels Magazine. This article mainly discusses "Branded" hotels on the being built on the neighboring island of Roatan, however it does mention a development on the island of Guanaja in the works by international hotelier Raffles.

Fun Photo Links

We follow internet posts about Guanaja on Google and often there are photos posted from vacationer's trips. Below you'll find some photos and other interesting things we've found where Guanaja is mentioned.

Local News Publications

  • Bay Islands Voice This is a local magazine based in Roatan with monthly issues. They report on life across different communities in the Bay Islands