arial view of bonacca key, guanaja
view of Bonacca cay, Guanaja

The Bay Islands:
Roatan, Guanaja, and Utila

Some people say The Bay Islands off the coast of Honduras are the last undiscovered destination in the Caribbean. Because the islands are part of Honduras, they are often not considered when thinking about Caribbean destinations but have pristine beaches and excellent diving like the rest of the Caribbean.



Roatan is the biggest of the three islands that make up the Bay Islands as well as the most visited. It's gained increased popularity in the past several years as cruise ships have started to include it in their routes. To find out more about Roatan, check out:

  • Roatan Online - A fun information source for travelers interested in visiting or learning about Roatan and the Bay Islands.


Utila is the western most island in the Bay Islands. It's known for its diving, including diving with whale sharks, as well as its laid back attitude. Check out:

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Guanaja is the eastern most island in the Bay Islands and is what this site is about! Check it out!