guanaja view from blue rock point
blue rock point near west end beach

Our Story

The goal of this website is to GET GUANAJA ON THE MAP!

It all started one spring night in 2007. My husband and I were on our computers as we are every night - continuing the work day and catching up on email. My husband, Randy, looked at me and asked me what we were doing with our lives - working all the time and not living life to its fullest every day.

We started talking about our dream "Plan B". What would we do if we didn't have to work in Corporate America? What if we had the guts to one day choose lifestyle vs. income? Enter Guanaja.

We finally began fulfilling our dream of a Plan B dream in October of 2008. We bought close to 13 acres on blue rock point. Since then, we are continuing our dream remotely from Texas.

We want to become a destination for travelers interested in visiting the Bay Islands and Guanaja. As island investors and as we spread the word of Guanaja to friends and family, we thought the island needed a website dedicated to supporting all the local businesses, educating the world about the island to encourage tourism and in the end, GET GUANAJA ON THE MAP. Hope you enjoy the site!

Randy and Melissa Fortenberry

Austin, Texas

Contact us! We are constantly updating the site and have done our best to gather all the current information about the island. We want to hear from you. Please let us know if you have updates we should include or would like to share your experiences with us.